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Aquarium Lighting LED


Aquarium Lighting LED - GL-TB06-ACuni

Model: GL-TB06-ACuni
Aquarium Lighting LED – 2 Tubes Fixture
1.Professional LED aquarium lighting led tube supported
2.Built-in transformer, fit to traditional fluorescent T8 lampholder (G13 Socket)
3.LED Wavelength: UV, Violet, Royal Blue, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Deep Red, Far Red, IR (detail spec.)
4.Color Ratio: (a) Planted Tank Used / (b) Reef Tank Used / (c) Arowana / Discus fish Used (d) Others
5.Standard Tube Size: 1ft’(330mm) / 2ft’(580/590mm) / 3ft'(800/895mm) / 4ft’(1085/1198mm)
6.Input Voltage: AC100-240V (universal) / DC12-24V (low voltage)
7.LED Lens : 60 / 90 / 140。, Clear PC Cover
8.Life Span: >10,000 hours
9.Work Environment: -30~50。C
10.Application: General Household, Florist Freezer, Aquatic & Algae Farming, Plant Factory, Three-dimensional (3D) shelf of greenhouse, Other Bio-lighting

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Aquarium Lighting LED

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