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Model: SMD5050 Flexible Lightbar (30LED/m)
Flexible LED Light

P/N Color LED Parameters Iv Walt/m Size Voltage Remark
LED Type LED Q’ty Wavelength
/ CCT (K)
LB-5050-30-R R SMD5050 30pcs/m 620-630 1400-1600mcd 7.2w/m 10*1000mm DC12V 500cm per Reel
LB-5050-30-Y Y SMD5050 30pcs/m 587-592 1400-1600mcd 7.2w/m 10*1000mm DC12V
LB-5050-30-B B SMD5050 30pcs/m 465-470 700-900mcd 7.2w/m 10*1000mm DC12V
LB-5050-30-G G SMD5050 30pcs/m 520-525 2800-3000mcd 7.2w/m 10*1000mm DC12V
LB-5050-30-W W SMD5050 30pcs/m 5500~6500 4500-5000mcd 7.2w/m 10*1000mm DC12V
LB-5050-30-RW RW SMD5050 30pcs/m 2800~3300 4000-4500mcd 7.2w/m 10*1000mm DC12V
LB-5050-30-RGB RGB SMD5050 30pcs/m R:380mcd G:900mcd B:310mcd 7.2w/m 10*1000mm DC12V

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Flexible LED Light

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