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Mosquito Repellent Light


Mosquito Repellent Light - PH-TB12-DC24
Model: PH-TB12-DC24
Mosquito Repellent Light
This product is capable of repelling mosquitoes at night due to its reddish yellow warm light, as opposed to the blue cool light emitted from ordinary LED light bulbs. In this product, light waves below 500 mμ, which attract insects at night, are eliminated. It causes mosquitoes to lose eye sight and become blind temporarily once entering the light beam of this product. It is an eco-friendly green product. Using LED light tubes can save 50% of energy compared to traditional light tubes. It has a life-time of 30,000 hours, which is 7 to 10 times longer than that of traditional tubes.
1.LED Photolithography Tube (G13, B-pin)
2.Special chips to filter wavelengths of less than 500 nm
3.Standard Size: 1ft’, 1.5ft’, 2ft’, 2.5ft’, 3ft’, 3.5ft’, 4ft, 5~8ft’
4.Input Voltage: DC12~24V / AC 100-240V
5.Lens Type: Special Color LED Chips (LED supplier)
6.Life Span: 30,000 hours
7.Work Environment: -30~50。C

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Mosquito Repellent Light

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