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Stage Lighting LED


Stage Lighting LED - CA-PIKA1-ACxx
Model: CA-PIKA1-ACxx
Stage Lighting LED
1. Peacock modeling, 4 colors level for double size arrays
2. 8 channels and multi-pattern flashing by IC control, gorgeous colors and speed adjustable
3. Waterproof designed for outdoor application
4. Power consumption less than 60W
5. Input Voltage: AC110, AC220 and DC24V is available
6. Size:
(a) Light-bar frame: 147.2cm(L)
(b) After assembly: 307cm(W) x 161cm(H)
(c) Metal base: 45cm(L) x 25cm(W) x
7. Application: Decoration of billboards , building, celebration, Carnival, temple fair, Christmas, pub and Pachinko…etc.

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Stage Lighting LED

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