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T8 Aquarium Light


T8 Aquarium Light - AQ-TB-03-DC12(24)
Model: AQ-TB-03-DC12(24)
T8 Aquarium Light
1.LED Aquarium Light Tube, isolated power supply
2.Fits to 12V or 24V aqua-light system
3.LED Wavelength: Red,630nm / Blue,450nm / Green,530nm / White, 7000K
4.R.G.B. Ratio: Full Red / Full Blue / Full White / RGB-mix
5.Standard Size: 1ft’(330mm) / 2ft’(580mm) / 3ft’(895mm) / 4ft’(1198m), Ø31.6mm
6.Input Voltage: DC12V or 24V
7.Cover Lens: 140。, (a) V-cut type, (b) Clear type
8.Life Span: 30,000 hours
9.Work Environment: -30~50。C
10.Application: Tropical fish & aquatic tank, Marine fish & coral tank, Reptile & amphibians lighting, Bio-lighting

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T8 Aquarium Light

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